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I copied over my bookmarks.plist to a new laptop.  Now all the bookmarks have a blue dot next to the name of the bookmark.  On my old laptop, it had the associated icon, for that website.  I clicked on one of the bookmarks and the icon appeared.  Do I have to do it manually or can I somehow 'refresh' to get the 'associated' icons back.


The reason I copied it overmanually was because it merged with the iCloud.  I didnt want it to merge with iCloud version as the most up to date was on the laptop.


I hope you understand what I refer to.

Thank you.

MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.53 GHz), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    You can try copying over the file WebpageIcons.db from the Safari folder, but I don't know whether that will work. If Safari starts crashing after you copy the file, delete it (the file, not the Safari application.)

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    I have Safari 6.0.5 , Mountain Lion on a  2012 MacBook Pro, purchased as a refurb from the Apple Store.


    Our local Apple dealer transferred over all my files from my old MBP including my bookmarks.


    I have the same issue as the original poster....however, I have no file called Webpageicons.db on my computer.  I miss my little bookmarks webpage icons.


    Any suggestions?

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    I was the original poster of this question.


    Your original computer should have the Webpageicons.db file present.  You just copy and paste it into the same location on the new computer.


    Otherwise just open and load up each web page, and the bookmark icon will appear.  YOu have may to close Safari, then reopen to view the icon.  Some webpages dont have icons, but the majority of mine do have icons.


    You will then see the Webpageicons.db update (date and time).