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I'm running system 10.5.8 and trying to print but, suddenly today, I'm getting error messages when trying to print to 2 of my 3 printers.


Same error messages for 2 of the printers:

1. The printer info boxes say "AppleTalk is disconnected in System Preferences"

2. In System Preferences>Network>Built-in Ethernet, it says "The cable for Built-in Ethernet is unplugged."


However, my third printer prints OK – no error messages.


But, "Make Appletalk active" IS checked (in "System Preferences>Built-in Ethernet") and all cables seem fine. 

All 3 printers are connected to the same router but only one prints. I've even replaced the computer-to-router cable, but no change.

I've tried rebooting numerous times and even resorted to starting the printers before the computer – thinking maybe the computer suddenly was not "recognizing" the printers.


The only thing I can think of that I changed is, while I have always closed all apps and boxes, etc. before shut down, the other day I was rushed and shut down with all still open.


Any thoughts/ideas to help a "non-techy" simply fix this problem will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Mac OS X (10.5.8)