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I'm running system 10.5.8 and trying to print but, suddenly today, I'm getting error messages when trying to print to 2 of my 3 printers.


Same error messages for 2 of the printers:

1. The printer info boxes say "AppleTalk is disconnected in System Preferences"

2. In System Preferences>Network>Built-in Ethernet, it says "The cable for Built-in Ethernet is unplugged."


However, my third printer prints OK – no error messages.


But, "Make Appletalk active" IS checked (in "System Preferences>Built-in Ethernet") and all cables seem fine. 

All 3 printers are connected to the same router but only one prints. I've even replaced the computer-to-router cable, but no change.

I've tried rebooting numerous times and even resorted to starting the printers before the computer – thinking maybe the computer suddenly was not "recognizing" the printers.


The only thing I can think of that I changed is, while I have always closed all apps and boxes, etc. before shut down, the other day I was rushed and shut down with all still open.


Any thoughts/ideas to help a "non-techy" simply fix this problem will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Is the computer only connected to the Router via Ethernet, or does it use Wifi also?


    Appletalk can only be active on one interface at a time.


    Do these printers only allow Appletalk setup?


    Any electrical storms or problems in your area lately? Ethernet ports are very sensitive & may quit working, giving you a cable isn't connected warning when they go out.

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    Hello BDAqua,


    The computer is only connected via Ethernet. No Wifi.

    They are older printers and only allow Appletalk setup.

    No storms or recent problems.


    Only thing that's different – as far as I know – is that one time I didn't follow my usual shut down procedure and left apps open.


    And, the mystery is why/how one printer works if AppleTalk is actually off. And, if it's the Ethernet port or cable that is the problem, how can the one printer still print?


    Thanks for your assistance.

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    Well yes, if you only use ethernet & one works, then it's not that, have you tried swapping cables from one printer that works to one that doesn't?

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    Swapping cables from one printer to the other didn't help. However, that gave me the idea of removing the cables from the router and plugging them directly into the computer. Bypassing the router has them printing again! So, the router is the culprit. I'll replace it asap. Meanwhile, I can live with the direct hookups for the 2 printers. Oddly, the third printer works fine going through the router so I'll leave that as is for now.


    I had given up until your suggestions pointed me in the "cable swap" direction. BDAqua, thanks for your help resolving this.

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    Great news, good work, thanks & good luck!


    Did you reset the Router by unplugging it for a few minutes?

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    No, I didn't try resetting the router. I'll try that after I get my printing done tomorrow. Just don't want to push my luck... I'm thankful it's working again. Thanks for the idea though. Maybe it'll save me the cost of a new router.