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Are Dust-Off Monitor Wipes safe to use on the screen of a MacBook Air?

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    Hello Otto,


    Here's the official response from Apple:




    When I worked at the Apple Store we used iKlear every night to wipe down displays on all the floor models as well as any machine in for service. The cleaning solution was never sprayed directly onto the display or any part of the machine, only into the microfiber cloth and then a gentle wipe down of the targeted area. The application of cleaning solution was minimal as well to the cloth to avoid the potential for causing any sort of harm or damage to the product.


    Because the MacBook Air doesn't have the glass overlay like the 13" or 15" MacBook Pro I'd recommend being gentle when wiping the screen at all times as you're directly applying pressure to LCD panel. I'd also avoid things like Windex or "glass cleaner." I see no reason why the Dust-Off Monitor Wipes would not be acceptable, there's no chemical components on the materials list that jump out at me as being potentially hazardous to damaging the panel.