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I have been using web inspector for quite some time. It was a regular part of my development workflow, however, I was surprised when the safari team totally re-vamped the tool in safari 6.


You use to be able to click on the menu in the styling section of the tool bar and click "Add new rule". Now it appears you can no longer add css rules in this way. Which is a bummer because I used this feature all the time.


You also, use to be able to double click for a new rule when in the actual stylesheet under the Resources tab. I can no longer do this either. For the life of me, I can't figure out why the safari team would get rid of these valuable options.


Someone please help.


These options must still exist, as they are invaluable when working with css in the browser. Does anyone know how to add a new style rule. I read the documentation and I don't see anything about removing this functionality.


The only way I can find to add a new rule, is through the snippet bar, which is kind of a pain as you have to add the <style> tags every time you add a new rule.


Also, I can't figure out how to view and elements pseudo classes (i.e. :hover , :checked, etc).


I have to say, it is a little frustrating as I don't clearly see the benefits of their redesign and it just seems harder to use. It kind of feels like they reskinned and rearranged things just to make it look new and didn't really think through how developers use this tool.


Does anyone else feel this way with the new safari?


Maybe I will see the light after a couple of days. I hope so because I am partial to using safari.