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syncing.pngi bought my brand new iphone 5 yesterday and have gone to sync my music from my itunes to it today. i have an ipad and ipod and both sync my music absolutely fine (i have a mix of purchased music from itunes and also converted youtube files). everytime i go to sync my iphone, it says "syncing" but only takes about 3 seconds and then says "waiting for changes to be applied" and then it's 'finished'. i go to look on my music on my iphone and there is no music at all on there. i clicked the drop down arrow under 'devices' on intunes and clicked on the Music tab and all my music is on there, BUT it is greyed out and has a little turning wheel next to it.....why is my music not transferring onto my phone? and yes i have all up to date software and have restored my phone and backed it up numerous times. also i do not have Home Sharing on. someone please help, this is sooooo frustrating!!!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1, syncing