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I just bought a macbook pro with retina display and 128GB Flash Storage. I'm transferring my files from my external hard drive to my new mac pro but the system says my 8GB drive is full. How do transfere files onto the falsh storage? Please help!!


Thank you!

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I'm confused what and where you are transferring files. Explain your question better. You say 128GB internal flash storage, external hd, and 8GB drive? Are there 3 places for storage available or just 2? Is your external hd only 8GB?

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    Thanks for your response!


    I'm transferring my files from an external hard drive onto my new macbook pro. Half way through the transfer, I get a system message that my transfer can't be completed cos my drive is full. I checked and I see that the drive that is full is the 8GB not the 128 flash storage.


    My question is this: how do I transfere files onto the 128 flash storage instead of the macintosh 8gb drive?


    Thank you.

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    If you are using An 8 GB USB drive (as  transfer device in lieu of a wire) to transfer data from another computer or external HDD, to your MBP, and are you then deleting the data on the USB drive after you have transferred the data onto the MBP?



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    What do you mean macintosh 8GB drive? The only internal storage on your mac is the 128GB flash and if you are trying to move files to your mac and it states that the drive is full then your 128GB flash drive is full. Your computer has 8GB of RAM which is completely different from your storage.