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Hi guys, i could use a help. I have two iphones on my pc, one is my and one is my girlfriend. The problem is, that some how my account got in too girlfriends iphone and when she is trying to update apps it asks for my account even if i didnt bought the app.
Also everything has started to sync over wifi to her phone from my stufs, i think i have shut this down but still got problem with update apps.
Any help please ? What did i made wrong to this happen ? This started after installation Itunes 11.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    go to settings->store on the iphone and make sure the right appleid is there if not change it


    if two people sync with each their appleID then it really is better to make 2 users on your computer and each use your own login that keeps things more seperate

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    I checked it, its ok. There is no place where is my account saved on the girlfriends´s iphone.

    I checked the apps at itunes to see which account bought it and everything is on her but for update asks for my account.


    I have tried to install later applications and tried to update but still. I´m 100% sure that apps are bought on her account.


    I have also tried reset settings