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I have a Iphone 4 gsm (8f190) and it will not connect to itunes and when i put it in recovery itunes will not work.  It won't show up when plugged into the computer.  Only charges when plugged in the wall or a car charger.  I've tried everything imaginable but I can't get the phone to register in iTunes at all.. The phone won't even reset.. when i try and reset EVERYTHING on the phone the apple logo with the progress bar starts to come up but the progress never moves.. PLEASE help me.. I'm at my wits end with this phone and I'm ready to just trash it.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3
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    Sorry. You can'tget help here. Jailbroken devices can not be discussed here per the terms of service.

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    Warning to iPhone users.  Do not start the update of the iPhone software using iTunes.  I got a message that the update had failed.  Then that the iPhone would have to be "restored" meaning cleaned of data.  Since these unnecessary "updates" cause so many problems, don't go near them.  Now my iPhone won't work at all.  Shows an icon for a USP plug to go to iTunes.  Once you start, you can get stuck in LIMBO. 

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    martinfromdevon wrote:


    Warning to iPhone users.  Do not start the update of the iPhone software using iTunes.


    Nonsense, and very misleading advice.  I've updated iPhone 3G, 3Gs,and 4  through itunes many times, never had a problem once, not with one single update in nearly 5 years of iPhones.  Of course, I've never jailbroken my phones either.  Hack your phone and have update problems?  I've got news for you, the problems are not a result of iTunes or Apple's updates.

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    I don't know what "jailbroken" and "hacked" phones means.  I attempt to be an orthodox user. I have news for you: I followed the instructions as written and the update failed and my phone is locked off.  So, good for you if you are a devotee, but I have used Apple devices since the mid-90's and the problems they generate have increased, not decreased. 

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    I'm sorry YOU experienced a problem, but to make the blanket statement for all users to specifically NOT use one of the two official and supported methods of updating is simply not rational.  There are hundreds of millions of iPhone users around the world, and that means there must have been countless iOS updates performed via iTunes by this point in time.


    Just because you had a problem, does not extrapolate that everyone WILL also have a problem.

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    hi my iphone4 was stuck on recovery and I tried lots of things to try and get it to work and the only thing that worked was

    • uninstalling itunes and
    • reinstalling itunes
    • Factory restore my iphone with itunes


    The Itunes restored my phone back to factory settings and luckily enough all my photos and messages had been backed up so I didnt lose anything.


    Try this and let me know how you get on.