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Background:  I decided to replace my existing drive with a SSD.  While in the process of replacing the drive, like a morron, I picked up the drive too fast and ripped the SATA cable.  Stupid, I know.  So I ordered a replacement.  Hooked up the replacement without any trouble, fired it up, the computer wont recognize any drives, formatted or not, SSD or HDD.  So I thought "great, terrible luck, I must have gotten a bad cable."  So I contacted the seller and they were kind enough to overnight me a new one.  Hooked up the new one, same **** problem.


What on earth is going on here?  The computer worked great before I ripped that cable, and now it's like it's just given up on reading drives all together.  Is there anything I can try?


Please help!  :/


(MBP is a mid 2010 if relevant)

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)