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I purchased Adobe Photoshop CS4 a few years back and installed it onto my PowerMac G5 Tower (pre-intel).  Now I'd like to instal the program on my MacBook Pro (OsX, 10.6.8).


1.  Is it not compatible? 

2.  What is the current version of Adobe Photoshop that I should be running on the Macbook Pro? 

3.  Must I pay for the whole program again? 

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Macbook Pro
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    This is a pro Video forum, but while your here, are you getting any sort of message ? I may be wrong but I think I ran CS4 on my macbook pro with SL.


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    I am getting no message.  I get an icon and am able to open the folders on the disc. 


    Right.  Pro video forum.  I need the services of Adobe Photoshop to create an alpha slug because I am experiencing a final cut pro x glitch:  I have a custom title which I turned into a storyline and added a transition (a 'Slide In').  Underneath in the layer below, I have my video set to 20% opacity.  However, when I play through the clip, when the slider plays through the actual transition, the opacity of the clip below is altered and gets brighter. 


    Creating an alpha slug and placing it prior to the text and then connecting them with the ('slide in') in transition has been one possible solution I could find elsewhere on an internet forum. 




    OK.  I found a 'set-up' icon in the folder and am currently installing. 

    I was jumping the gun in thinking that it was not compatible and needing a new solution. 

    Thanks for responding. 

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    Glad you sorted it.