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Ahmed Rashied Level 1 Level 1

I could only hear while using the speaker phone or headphones.




I tried the trick of plugging and unplugging ,

HD restart

remove SIM ,

reset the setting ,

cleaning the ear portion of the phone.

I removed plastic protector since day one

restore , a millions times and failed to success


BUt guess what I ? I work between time and time by chance , It's shamed on front of my people when I enforced to turn it to speaker to hear voice while other hearing my private conversation




I tried everything ...everything u could imagine  I believe It is a hardware issue , in Iraq where I do live I have no chance



Following all advise listed above , I believe it's hardware issue but why it work between time to time just by chance


The only solution left , is to give it to the  Apple Store to replace with  new one .

what it make it worse is where i do live ( iraq ) we do not have apple store or authorized reseller  ,


Apple !! I love your sexy products , my home is full of MacBook Pro retina , MacBook Air , 3 iPhone , if you do respect your customer an d like to maintain the relation , please extend your support to me if you care about


Iraq / Erbil

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1