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Whether I'm in San Diego, New York City/Long Island, or Nashville... 95% of the day, my phone will go through this.... It will display "extended" and the tiny circle next to it.


I was finally told by someone that the Sprint iPhones have two Major issues. One of which is that the phone gets "stuck" onto a tower, and will not release itself from it to go to the next, closer tower. Some may call this a "syncing" issue. What this means is that you don't get service because your phone is searching very hard to connect to the now phantom tower it once was connected to. The other major issue that might be related is that even though Sprint is a CDMA based cell service, their 4S iPhones have a sim card deck, and a sim card in it. Phone gets confused because it's trying to run both CDMA and sim, and it shuld only be trying to connect with service via CDMA receiver.




ISSUES (i've had):




•"No Service"


•"Extended Service"


•Little Circle displayed where the 3G should be.


•Dropped calls


•Lagging Texts (sms and iMessage)


•Non sent Texts (sms and iMessage)


•Over heating phone - burning my hands and face


the list goes on.....








"SOLUTIONS" (that none of them fixed the issues):



•Over the phone updates




•Over the phone network updates


•Hard reset


•network resets over the air and on the phone.


•deleting all my cloud


•deleting all iphone backups


• a new phone


............only to find the issues STILL remain




THIS IS A WELL KNOWN ISSUE BETWEEN SPRINT AND APPLE and both companies give me the run around.


Sprint won't admit to the issue because they would have to recall and replace everyone's phones (millions).

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1