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So today I decided to update my iPhone 4 with the latest software update (it had been available for like a month or so but I had just know decided to update it today.) Anyways, when I updated it I was at school and about 5 minutes after I had clicked the update the image came up with the usb cord connecting to iTunes, so I had figured, when I got home (about 4 hours later) I would just plug it into iTunes and it would finish the software update and everything would be good. So I didn't think much of it.


I just got home and plugged my iPhone into iTunes. It's name came up as "iPhone" instead of the name that I had named it over a year ago when I got it. I STILL didn't think much of it, but then when I clicked on my iPhone, it said "iTunes has detected a phone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes." So I clicked, "Ok." The only thing I could click was "Restore" and something came up that said, "Are you sure you want to restore this iPhone to it's factory settings? All of your media and other data will be erased, and the newest iPhone software will be installed. iTunes will verify the restore with Apple. After this process is complete, you will have the option to restore your contacts, calendars, text messages and other settings."


So I didn't click anything and disconnected my iPhone. I absolutely CANNOT lose my pictures. I have about 2,000. I don't care about text messages, calendars, or honestly anything else, (although if I could get them back, I'd obviously prefer that) but losing my pictures is not something I can do.


I don't have iCloud either because I had too much data for it to work on my phone.


What should I do to ensure nothing gets deleted and get my phone back to normal?

iPhone 4
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