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  • Tygar Prawns Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh my lord.... Itunes is soooo slloowww...


    Booting up takes Fo...ev.... ver!!!!


    Performance *****....terrible program....

  • NeddySeagoon Level 1 (5 points)

    Possums wrote:


    I am sick of itunes ... I am sick of being ripped off (I am in Australia) on the price of music ... and now I am sick of itunes becsue they no onger have a playback system that works ... I am an itunes user because I like to listen to music ... much of which is about 5000 dollars that I have purchased FROM APPLE AT HUGELY INFLATED PRICES ... I am thinking that there isd a breach of contract here ... where they promise a system to play back the music that I purchase FROM THEM ... and then don't deliver on the playback system promise ... don't get me started on the fees that I pay for iCloud that6 just causes more problems FOR ME NOT APPLE ... it reminds me of the old management tgheory ... 'Get thwem by the B*lls and their hearts minds (and in this case their wallets) will follow).



    If you think the price is too much then don't buy from iTunes.


    And iCloud is free, Possums, so you are complaining about the price you willingly and freely paid for extra storage space.


    Who exactly are you angry at?

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    You may have already tried this, but I completely uninstalled itunes (hoping I could find an old version to download).  When I reinstalled, I thought I was getting 10.7 but I got 11.  However, it seems to run great now!  Try an uninstall / reinstall and see if that speeds you up like it did for me.

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    It is not that easy to uninstall on a Mac, you will have to use these terminal commands:


    codesign -vvv /Applications/


    /Applications/ valid on disk


    /Applications/ satisfies its Designated Requirement


    If you see anything other then the proceeding statement from the terminal, then deleting iTunes might be a help, but be careful.


    If you do proceed with uninstalling, type:


    cd /Applications/


    This brings you into the Applications directory, the next command deletes iTunes itself:


    sudo rm -rf

  • saneman Level 1 (0 points)

    You can disregard the proceeding post, I was trying to figure out why my Mac was having this issue and did not see that this was an iTunes for Windows thread because I clicked on a Link from Google.

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    ITunes is Extremely Slow ( I have a very fast PC) I have never been this frustrated, I am actually making an effort to post here... This is it!! I am moving to Android. No hassle no restriction and no slow business. And stop being such fan boy trying to defend ITunes. 70% Iphone user don’t even use Itunes, thats how rubbish it is.

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    The iTunes Store with Version 11 is just impossible. It's just so slow and laggy it's like wading through treacle. All the enjoyment I used to get searching for and buying content has vanished with this pile of poo. Searching for content is a real pain now. It doesn't seem to link anything anymore. In the past if you searched for a TV show it would show all the other series available down the left hand side. That's gone with Version 11. Moving forward and back is a nightmare now to the point were it's simpler just to do another search instead. Apple have really messed up with Version 11 but they don't seem in any great hurry to fix it. I feel sorry for those people who bought an iPod or iPad for Christmas and Version 11 is there first experience of iTunes. They must be wondering what all the fuss has been about all these years and if they should have bought something else instead.

  • Tim Barron Level 1 (5 points)

    One bug appears to be with the "Genius" feature.  If you do not use it, or can part ways with it - at least for now, disable the feature.  Be patient when disabling it, as it took 5 to 10 minutes for the disable to complete on my Widows 7 system. 


    But once Genius was disabled, the iTunes Store became unbelievably lightening FAST.


    The slight lagginess of iTunes itself also disappeared.

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    This seemed to do the trick for me.  Turning off Genius quickened things up considerably.  Seeing as how I'm using an i5 2500K w/ 8 GB of RAM, this "fix" should most definitely not be necessary, but since I'm not a user of the Genius feature anyway, no big loss.

  • ChazThePhoenix Level 1 (20 points)

    To find exact duplicates, press the Option key and choose File > Display Exact Duplicates.



    you guys aint reading.....

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    How do you "turn off Automatically Download Album Art" in iTunes 11?  I looked all over the menus and CANNOT find a setting for that. HELP!

  • ChazThePhoenix Level 1 (20 points)

    No offense meant, but have you tried the help menu?

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    After struggling with this for years, I think I have a solution that should work for many folks (and makes sense).  I created an anti-virus exception rule.  This basically keeps your real-time virus program from scanning all reads/writes to and from your iTunes data files. 


    In my case, in WinXP, this is at "C:\Documents and Settings\<User Account>\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media".  You can find this at Edit->Preferences->Advanced under "iTunes Media Folder Location".  Copy this address exactly.


    I use Microsoft Security Essentials.  In it's main screen I went to the "Settings" tab and chose "Excluded Files and Locations".  I used the "browse" button to go to navigate to my version of "C:\Documents and Settings\<User Account>\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media" and clicked "Add".  "OK" out of the menu and then try out iTunes.


    I was able to update movie info easily and quickly in Windows after this.  For kicks I added my swap partition as well.


    I would also do all the other things people recommend to speed up iTunes.

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    Switching off Genius worked a treat for me - thanks

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    Turn off Search Entire Library. That will restore the speed.


    Click on the down arrow to the right of the magnifying glss in the Search box. Untick the Search Entire Library and the performance will improve and search will work like it used to.

    This tip immediately solved the issue on my MacPro (2007, 3GHz, 9GB RAM). I was experiencing slow reaction to mouse actions (several seconds delay) while iTunes downloaded new podcasts or app updates.


    However, the biggest drawback is that iTunes is single-threaded for most functions. That is *really* annoying.