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OK, I know WiFi is not as good as a wired USB sync, but let's face it, EVERY USB device known to man demands it be connected directly to the computer and most don't work using a USB hub.  ALL iOS devices are king in this category because of their power requirements and they demand to either have their own dedicated USB connection or they simply won't sync or charge properly.


I'm OK with that...but a MacBook Air only has a couple of USB ports so I'm forced to keep my iPhone 5 and iPad mini synced over WiFi.  This would be great and I don't mind waiting the extra time it takes to do this, but over half the time, it takes iTunes about five full minutes to find my two iOS devices and display them when I start up iTunes.  Then, when I start making changes to a device...rearranging apps, adding apps, etc., iTunes 11 invariably starts pooping the bed...hanging up, turning all the app icons blank, then freezing. 


Once in a blue moon this doesn't happen and the sync goes well...but that's getting to be more rare all the time.  Is this just me, or are others having this problem? 

iPhone 5, iOS 6