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hi, i looked on the internet and found this site.http://www.cheapiphoneunlockedsale.org/ they sell all king of technologic products, but im interested on the iphone 4s. i've speek to them by msn and when i asked them if their products were real, they showed me a certificate where apple authorized them to sell their products, they even showed me pictures of the iphones unboxed and the receipt from apple. they sell their iphone 4s at 317$ so i really want you to tell me if they are a scam.

iPhone 4S
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    Well, lets have a look! Their only option for contacting them is through a Hotmail address. I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.

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    IMHO with a name like that I would put them in the same catagory as used car sales and politicians.


    Now that I visited their site, I think I was being to lenient with them.



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    You will also notice under their contact information they are in China, so good luck getting help with an order.


    Also, you should be aware whenever seeing an advertised price well below Apple's list price - Apple sets all pricing for their authorized resellers as far as new items go.  If you are an Apple authorized reseller, you do not get to discount prices on Apple products - the prices are set for you.  This is why you will notice that reputable resellers prices are always the same as Apple's own store prices.  A reseller can bundle accessories and such to sweeten their deals, but the base price is always set by Apple.


    Apple also lists their authorized resellers on their web site - http://www.apple.com/buy/ and official iPhone carriers as well - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1937?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US


    I think most people would also agree, if you are suspicious enough to even have to ask if it is a scam, you already know the truthful answer to that question.

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    To summarize, just in case there was any confusion or doubt regarding the advice you've already received...



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    No, of course not.