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Okay so my iMac had a hard drive failure. DiskWarrior is able to build a preview, but not repair it. So I bought a new iMac, I have the machines connected with a Firewire cable. How do I make the dead Mac see the new one? I know I am supposed to hold down the T when starting the new one, but when do I start it up? Before or after I start up the dead one & build the DiskWarrior preview? I have the DiskWarrior preview sitting on the desktop of the dead Mac, but when I start up the new one holding down T, it starts up like normal and it's not an available disk in the preview on the dead Mac. Help?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Are you using a WIFI KB maybe, in target mode, the new one should show a big floating FW symbol.


    Might try t Mode on the old one, & DW on the new one.

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    No, corded keyboard, I even tried a different keyboard to see if that was the problem. It won't do the FW Target mode and it also won't boot to a CD. I tried putting the dead Mac in FW target mode (which it did imemdiately) and putting DW on the new machine, but it won't boot to a disc when I hold down C. So I am worried I need to return it (it's a refurb).


    I then tried installing DW on the new Mac and running it that way, and it saw the dead Mac, but it wouldn't let me do anything to it, just said it couldn't rebuild it due to a hardware error.


    Right now I'm copying everything from the DW preview onto an external HD to transer it that way, but it'll all be for nothing if I have to return the computer! I just worry if it won't boot to a CD that I will have a problem down the road.


    Thanks for trying to help!

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    Good move, & do return it, it's bad.