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I purchased an Iphone 5 on the 21 of October.  After the first trouble free week, LTE stopped working. I phoned my service provider fido and they offered me a new SIM card. The issue was not going away and the phone keeps trying to get access to the LTE network and failing, sending a message saying " could not activate the cellular data network."  Frustrated, I went to Apple store at Rideau in Ottawa and consulted with the agents. They ruled that the problem is not with the phone but with the Fido. For a month and half, pretty much everyday with Fido on the phone and three visits to Apple store, I was desperate to solve this issue so i took the chance to switch the SIM cards with someone I know, to try whether my IPhone 5 is indeed without an issue as Apple has claimed many times. The result, yes. The phone had a problem.  It is inconceivable that Apple tried to put the blame on the customer/ service provider meanwhile not even looking into the problem all along the way. The arrogance and the horrible customer service that I experienced from Apple makes me really wonder where this company is heading knowing how competitive the market is. So my advice to the customers, when they say it is not a device problem, please do not just give in. You may want to have a second opinion from someone... My nightmare is over....for now.