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When I edit a picture and go to the next photo where is the photo I just edited saved?

Aperture 3
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    Is there a workflow diagram for using aperture to edit?

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    Aperture is a database.  It's oddest feature is that "photo" is close to meaningless.  The Images you see are created on-the-fly by reading the Original (which is _never_ altered) and a text file of instruction (called, confusingly, a Version)  which are then applied to create the Image.  This image is often referred to as (I told you it was confusing) a Version.


    You changes are always and automatically saved.  Any adjustment you make or metadata you add or change is permanent until you change it again.


    You don't create _files_ until you need them outside of Aperture.  "Export" in Aperture, means "make me a file I can use with other programs".




    Here's a primer I penned.