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I have Windows 7 and I got an e-mail with a link to join a shared photo stream.


I've asked the person if he can just e-mail me the pictures, but he says he doesn't know how, so it looks like I have to deal with all this stuff. So...


I created an apple ID. I installed iCloud Control Panel 2.1. I checked the box in iCloud CP next to Photo Stream (and also both boxes in the Photo Stream options). I signed in to iCloud with my Apple ID. I've closed things and restarted my computer and tried eveything else I can think of, but still when I click on the "Join this Photo Stream" link in the e-mail I just get taken to the page that tells me how to set things up.


So what am I doing wrong? Do I need to have iTunes or some specific photo viewer installed or something too? I don't see anywhere that it says I do, but I can't get it working the way it is.

Windows 7
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    Have you tried to open the PhotoStreams icon inside Explorer? You should see an icon with the shared stream you have been invited to, and if you click it, you should be given an opportunity to subscribe to it.


    - Bernard

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    I've got this same problem. I've opened the Photostream on my Win7 PC, but the only available icon is "My Photo Stream". I've checked my control panel and it appears all the right buttons are checked... I am also logged into iCloud.

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    I was never able to resolve this problem and like abridge1, there was no shared photo streams in Windows Explorer, just My Photo Stream.


    I've since uninstalled iCloud Control Panel, so I can't test the theory out, but I wonder if the problem was that the invitiation to join the photo stream was sent before I had created an Apple ID and/or installed iCloud Control Panel. Maybe if the invitation was sent again it would have worked.


    Instead I asked the person who made the photo stream to recreate it but this time check the box that gives you a URL so that anyone can access the pictures without any special software. Much easier.