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My mail preferences suddenly decided they don't want me to make any changes anymore.


I just noticed tonight, but I haven't bothered with any prefs for some time.  Probably a few months, so who knows.  When I try to access preferences now, I get the little rainbow whirligig and mail is completely locked. I have to force quit Mail.


I can use Mail normally otherwise.

MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    On another thread I found someone suggesting it's a problem with Keychain so I am running Keychain access/Keychain first aid... and now IT is not responding.  Sigh.




    So after force quitting keychain first aid Keychain Access would completely hang on open.  So what I did was blow away the entire set of keychain plist files and restart keychain.  BINGO, worked just fine (had to reenter a password or two) and now mail preferences opens.