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I have a 4th Generation iPod shuffle that just stops playing suddenly.  Sometimes it'll play just one song and one that ends won't go onto the next.  Other times it'll play a bunch of songs and won't continue.  I end up having to reset the iPod by turning it off, waiting a few seconds to a minute, and then turning it back on.  That works however I'm back to the first song I listened to.  I keep more than enough music on it to keep it going for the period of time I think I'm going to use it for.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and what they did to solve it.  What I'm going to try next time is turn off the shuffle function and listen to the songs in order. 

P4 3.20GHz
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    Hi. First take back up of your iPod and try resetting your iPod through iTunes hence update the software. Below link may help you to reset your iPod Shuffle:




    If still the issue persists and if still iPod has warranty, please contact your nearest Apple Store. You will get a replacement one if the iPod have no physical damages and multiple dents. Hope this information is helpful.

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    Unfortunately this didn't work.  Not only was the music on the iPod wiped out, even though the instructions said it wouldn't be, it still stops playing after about 2 hours of contiuus use while I'm working out.  So again I have to reset the iPod to get it to work.  Again the music picks up from where I began listening.  This also resets the songs played.  When I get home and plug it in to my computer I have to remember as best as possible what I'd already listened to.  Not only all of this but now there is a new problem in that the voice over no longer functions...at all.  I press the button the little green light blinks but nothing happens.  I don't how this thing turned into a piece of junk all of a sudden but it has. 

    As it was a promo gift from my gym I can't bring it to an Apple store for a replacement.  So I'm just going to go back to using my second generation iPod Nano as that still functions properly.