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This may seem obvious to most of you but sometimes it is the simple things that the least clear. I have written a book in Pages - I have now exported it into PDF format for uploading to CreateSpace for self-publishing.


It looks good except for the problem that the Chapter number I have put it comes up on correctly the next page but at the same level as the first line of the last page of the previous chapter - can you understand what I am saying, it's confusing I know.


Now, most books, when you start a new chapter on a new page show the Chapter and its number above the level of the text on the last page of the previous chapter. I know this may seem petty but it is important when you want your book to look professional.


Please note I don't need a Table of Contents - it is a novel and just needs Chapters headed 1, 2, 3 etc.


Can anyone help me to do this?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    This is a little difficult to understand from your description.


    Please take a screen snap of the problem (command shift 4) and post the snap here for us to see.



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    Thanks for the reply, Peter but I have decided to let it go as it is. I'm sure most people won't even notice it.


    I have a feeling I perhaps don't set my pages up correctly when I write. There seems to be no template for 'writing a book'.


    Many thanks for trying to understand my problem.

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    Each Chapter should be a separate Section of the document. In the Layout Inspector, Section Tab, choose First Page is Different. Then on the first page of each chapter put the chapter title in the Header. There are other ways to achieve the effect you are going for, but this seems the quickest to me.



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    Hi Jerrold


    I have tried doing this but as I think I have created my book ad hoc this solution - simple as it seems it causes more problems than it solves.


    I seem to have not formulated my book correctly - it looks okay but I have not done it right - so this won't work and I cannot find out how to correct it. I don't think I made each chapter a seperate section. I have tried adding section breaks but it still doesn't seem to help.


    Many thanks for your brave attempt to help me but as the whole issue is raising my stress levels I think I will leave it as it is


    Kind regards


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    Thanks fruhulda ... I will check this out on my next book if I use ePub.

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    This is the sort of thing that you should work out before you begin adding content to your document, not after the book is entirely written. That way, the settings you make in the first Section are inherited by all successive Sections. Going back and changing these settings after the fact is tedious. Possible, if you practice the concepts on a draft document, but tedious none the less.



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    Thanks Jerrold ...