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I have my main Aperture library on my mac mini, with all masters reallocated on a NAS.


I have a secondary Aperture library on my MBP that I use for importing and editing from my camera.  My process is then exporting the library from the MBP to the Mini - has worked fine in the past.


When I try it now Aperture will perform as if its importing them, with a pop up box saying adding/merging, few minutes later it disapears - no error messages etc, however no new photos have been added?


Things I've tried so far are:


- Repair disk permissions

- Repair and Rebuild aperture library

- Re exporting original library

- Openening up the library on the Mini, it opens up fine.  Ive then tried re-exporting it directly from the mini and then importing again into the main library


Still no luck - any help?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.1)