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Yahgo Level 1 (0 points)

Since upgrading to iTunes 11, any song that I purchase on the iTunes store looks like it downloads, but it doesn't show up in my music library, nor does it show up under my purchased playlist. I have to go back to the store and buy the song again and then iTunes will give me the message that I have already purchased this item and I can download it for free. Then after downloading it again, it finally shows up in my library and purchased playlist. THIS HAPPENS WITH EVERY PURCHASED SONG SINCE iTunes 11. I HATE THIS!!!!!! PLEASE FIX ASAP>>>>>>

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I have this issue too. I found that if you go to the iTunes store, click the home button. Then on the right hand side, click on the "Purchases" link. This will bring you to all of your past/current purchases, where you can download from there. Why it doesn't automatically download when you purchase it is beyond me. Hopefully they fix it soon.

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    I tried this - not working for me....

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    I am having the same issue and i am unsure what to do. If i check icloud purchases, i can see my latest purchase and download it to my computer. But it does not go there automatically.

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    Same issue for me & it's really annoying!


    I'll click buy & itunes will say it's downloading & once finished it disappears from the ether.  If I click buy again, it will give me the usual 'youve already purchased this item' box, and always seems to download successfully the second time!


    I can see this being a real problem if I purchase a track with multiple versions & on the second time of clicking buy, I choose a different version by mistake - then getting charged twice.

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    Same problem for me.  Two songs were in my iTunes Media>Downloads folder in "tmp." folders under the song's names, but the m4a files were only named "download." If I clicked on the m4a file then it got put into iTunes under the name "download" and without any information.  I Apparently, for me at least, the original download to my computer did not complete. was able to go to the Purchased link in the iTunes store, as sadlikkj suggested and download the songs again from there and that worked.

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    I am having the same exact issue.  I just have mostly been able to go back into purcahsed (through the store link) and re-download it from there.  But I just downloaded a new album, and it's not even showing up in purchased (though, it DID download the digital booklet of the album...can you even buy JUST the digial booklet).  Anyone else have any fool-proof ways to fix in the interim of a software update?