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Howard Brazee Level 1 (15 points)

Twice, since the upgrade to iTunes 11, I've gone to my smart playlist of unplayed songs to find a bunch of my old songs on it:


The playlist matches all of the following:

     Plays is 0

     Kind is not PDF Document

     Kind does not contain book

Live updating


So why do songs change to Plays is 0, when they have been played before?


Also, when I play that playlist, sometimes it will play randomly (it used to be top to bottom), and sometimes it won't play at all, when I use my remote - I have to select a song by hand to get it going.  I play that song and then it stops.  Then I have to click another song to get it to play.   Actually, these are podcasts, the songs that played randomly were songs that were mistakenly set to plays=0.   The podcasts which used to play nicely top to bottom often won't do so now.


Is this a known bug with iTunes 11?

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