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And why is itunes so ridiculously complicated to back up my ipad?

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    If they are in the iBooks app, then even though they aren't iTunes purchases they should copy over into the Books part of your iTunes library via File > Transfer Purchases.

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    King_Penguin wrote:


    If they are in the iBooks app, then even though they aren't iTunes purchases they should copy over into the Books part of your iTunes library via File > Transfer Purchases.

    They do not I just tried it, Same problem here no matter what I do my pdfs in ibooks on my ipad wont transfer to my mac. So when I sync a new playlist of music they most likely will be deleted. I usually manually manage my music but I created some playlists for a wedding and want to sync them, why does I tunes say it is going to erase everything, movies and tv shows, just to get a playlist from itunes onto the ipad. Should be easier,

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    I've just downloaded a PDF in Safari on my iPad, used 'open in' to transfer it to iBooks, connected the iPad to my Mac and 'transfer purchases' copied it over to the Books section of my Mac's iTunes library, so it still works for me - my iPad, iBooks app and Mac's iTunes are up-to-date

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    ok, I can open a pdf in ibooks on my ipad, but how do you"transfer purchases" to get the pdfs onto the mac I have connected the ipad to? If it's a menu option in itunes, I can't find it.

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    On iTunes 10 and below it's File > Transfer Purchases, or if you have iTunes 11 on your Mac then File > Devices > Transfer Purchases. They should copy over to the Books part of your iTunes library

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    thank you...

    Apple's walled garden is getting weedy imo

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    On iTunes 11xx it is under "File" > "Devices".  Transfer Purchases from ...


    This worked for me after an exhaustive search for ways to sync my nonpurchased .pdf books from my iPad to my Macbook Pro.

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    I find the easiest way to move pdf files from iMac to iPad is as follows:


    On the iMac attach the pdf file to an email and mail it to yourself. It will then appear on your iPad mail. Touch and hold on the attached pdf and a menu will pop up. Select "save to iBooks" When you next open iBooks your pdf will be there.

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    I had the same issue, even after following king_penguin's advice. "Transfer Purchases" would run through a whole long sync process, and then the PDFs from my iPad would still not be in iBooks.


    Then it finally occurred to me that the issue might be that I have 2 apple IDs. The first one is shared with my wife: it's her primary apple id, and the one we use for purchases. The second is the one I use for iCloud and is intended to keep my personal stuff separate from hers. The shared ID was already authorized in iTunes, but...


    Sure enough, when I first authorized my iCloud ID in iTunes, then did the Transfer Purchases thing, the PDFs appeared in iBooks on my Mac as promised. Phew!

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    Well. I was having the same issues

    i had many pdf's on my iPad ibooks library, but after back up and sync, could not see them on my Mac. Which was only going to be a problem for me when I buy a new ipad and want to upload everything to it.


    i Followed your instructions. plugged my iPad in to my Mac. transferred purchases to itunes, then transferred purchases to Mac.

    all there on both machines without an issue..


    im not sure what others are doing wrong, but, the simple instructions you posted work easily. Thank you

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    Thank you very much.....pdf's were transferred with no problems.