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I need despirately to find an (legally) installable version of early Adobe Premiere. I have a filter that only works on this software in Classic mode. There must be someone with an old version laying around that they would like to sell. HepMePlease! I have the whole hardware/software system running but need this key app. Thanks

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    Geez, I find plenty of newer availavable for sale, but nothing that old.


    Luckily I still have my old copies...


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    Any chance you would want to sell, lease, whatever, your old Premiere 5.1? You'd make an old MacHead very happy!

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    A little background. In the 90s my software company (ImageXpress) developed a number of plug-ins for Photoshop, most notable was a Photoshop automation package called ScanPrep Pro which won an Eddy for Best New Production Software in '96. Since I have always been an imaging fanatic and had access to some brilliant engineers, I designed a product to produce very controlled tone-line conversions (crude example is Photoshop's posterization filter). I have the only copy of this (unreleased) product which produces outrageous renderings from digital images like the one below ( and http://vimeo.com/55138291). While I have great fun with stills, the product was also engineered to render .mov files one frame at a time in Premiere 5. At the time we developed it (1998) I had no interest in video, but now I do. I would love to put this rendering capability to work but cannot locate a working copy of the app.


    If there is ANYthing you could do to help me I would dearly appreciate it. I'd hate to see this potential video effects product die without even seeing it work.



    Herb Paynter

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    Never mind. I found an original install disk at Sammy's Camera. I'll let you know if it works.

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    Let us know how it goes, not sure I can find my originals, my biz was broken into a few months ago & bazillions of Computer things were taken.


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