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I have a 2nd Gen iPod Touch (iOS4) that I have been using as a appointment calendar for a few years.  I use Microsoft Outlook for Mac for my email and calendar (business functions).  Until a few months ago I had no problems.  Then I noticed there ws no syncing and my Outlook Calendar did not appear in the Info window when I wanted to sync the calendars.  The only way I get the calendars to sync is when I open Preferences for Outlook, go to Sync Services, and click the Exchange server.  At this time my Outlook calendar is copied into iCal and then my ITunes Info shows the iCal calendar functions.  Outlook Calendar remains absent as an option.


This is NOT a fix, however.  iCal and Outlook view each entry as new entries, and keep replicating the entries!  I've gone ahead (from this community) and cleaned the library/calendar cache, etc.  But when I resync, it morphs again.


So, the problem is, why doesn't Outlook calendar show up as an option in iTunes Info?  PLEASE HELP!

MacMini Intel, iPod Touch Gen2, Mac OS X (10.5.8)