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Hiya Guys   ....A simple question for most of you, I own an iphone 4, and understand them completely,  and never been confused by one yet, but my partner has purchased an ipad for me for Christmas this year (yippee ) and yet to actually know the version has baffled me somewhat!!! Firstly ....It has retina display, it's a black ipad with 16GB, but wifi ONLY (which devastated me, because I am not always around a wifi connection ) I need help, or advise, on how I can connect some other ways, seeing as I can't insert a micro sim! Secondly. .... Just what version is this ipad? It's the Model A1453 with retina display/wifi only/16GB, I was under the impression I had an ipad 3, a friend mentioned that its possibly an ipad 2, 4th Generation? ( I'm confused about generations and what they mean) and now a colleague has said to me in passing, that it sounds like an ipad 4!) Surely it's not an ipad4? Soooo I would really appreciate any ipad professor geek, who is out there, to lead me into the light, and knowledge me on my ipad version...phew!! Article accomplished! I'd like to thank you all in advance,  for reading this article, and sharing some advice with me   ..........Thanks ever, ever, ever...so much....Jennie x

iPad, iOS 6.0.1