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Okay. Not going to sit here and complain about the many things that are wrong with iTunes 11...but the BIGGEST issue for me is that sometimes I download new music and want to change the album art. BEFORE, in iTunes 10 and prior, I could just select all the songs and then I could browse the internet for the image/album art I wanted, and just drag the image from the internet page over into the "album preview" area on the lower left of iTunes, and all the songs I wanted to have new art would. Easy.


Now this feature is gone! How the heck do I change album art now? Especially when things are not all from the same artist/album and just a mix?

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    Try looking at in list format, then highlight it and view and select.

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    Hm...thanks but I'm not sure exacly how that helps?

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    Ok, I had the same problem I've found where it is;


    To update/change/add artwork to an album WITHOUT having to manually copy the art file to every song in an album you have to select all the songs in the album, like the old way, then cmd+I or get info and the normal 'limited' pop up box for multiple items appears. On the right (of the 'info' tab) is an album artwork box which you can drag images to in the same way as you could to the album art preview in the bottom left.


    This had me very frustrated, but thankfully its still there, just an extra pair of clicks away. Not great for updating loads of albums quickly in a swift workflow but at least you can still add artwork to multiple items!