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I had my computer repaired about a year ago (give or take a month). The repair involved having the LCD monitor completely replaced. It reportedly was a loose connection which yeilded colour blocks down half of the screen. Prior to that I had a fan replaced due to high pitch noises and complained of heat issues. About 3 weeks ago I had my power adapter replaced. The cord came loose--I'm pretty sure it came loose from the issue I am about to discuss.


***Please be sure that I NEVER place this computer on my lap. It's always on a desk surface. I made two little metal lids that I use to tilt the base to allow for more air-flow.***


I am experiencing similair heat issues as to those prior to having my LCD monitor completely replaced. Watching movies through quicktime/youtube/VLC cause my computer to skyrocktet to heats above 100'C and it eventually shuts down. By shuts down I mean the video becomes choppy and unwatchable. I am aware this is a mechanic developed to reduce heat by shutting off one of the graphics cards. The heat issues started happening roughly 3 months ago. I looked into the issue and found a 3rd party program--SMC Fan Control--that enabled me to crank my fans. It feels like I'm over-clocking my system all the time as of the past 3 months.


Until 3 months ago I could watch a DVD on VLC while working on a powerpoint presentation in Microsoft Office 2010 and have heat of 70"C. Now it goes up to 90'C.


Until 3 months ago I could play WoW on low settings in the main city and it would sit at around 75'C. Now it jumps to 100'C on low settings in the main city.


Until 3 months ago I could play Sim City 3 on low settings and it would sit around 65'C, now 100'C.


Using this 3rd party software--SMC Fan Control-- has helped manage the heat. I can use my computer the same as I did for the first 9-10 months. However, I feel as though I'm suddenly over-clocking my system. This is only a bandaid. It's showing signs of what I saw before. Chunks of colours on my screen, black and white snow and total shut down. This is happening at increasing rates as time passes.


I cannot stress how well this computer worked for 9 months. I could watch a movie while creating spreadsheets in Excel without breaking 75'C.


This issue eerily reminds me of a certain class action law suit regarding NVIDIA cards being defective and causing heat issues.


Please help! These computers are NOT cheap.

MacBook Pro (17-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Due to your repair history (did you keep copies of your case numbers?) you need to relay what you stated in your post to Apple Customer Relations.  The case numbers will help the CR reps retrieve your repair history.


    Apple Customer Relations (800) 767-2775.  Wait for a human to come on the line and ask politely and firmly that you want to be transferred over to the Customer Relations department.    See what they can do for you.  Make sure you get a CR case number.












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    SMCFanControl should never be necessary. The fans will work as the engineers designed them to. If the machine is overheating, you shouldn't resort to manually overriding the fans, you should get what is probably a hardware issue taken care of. Note that I have exactly the same machine and almost never use it anywhere other than on my lap, even during lengthy gaming sessions.


    Sounds like there's still something wrong somewhere... you'll need to contact Apple.

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    I attempted to contact apple this evening after reading your feedback. I didn't request an ACR member though which was probably my frist mistake.


    Essentially they told me that my computer is overheating because I was using VLC and Youtube. He said that using software that did not come on the Mac may be causing the issue. He said that I will have to take it in to have a diagnostics test run--I've experienced this before anyway--but that they may have to do a hard-reset on my computer to see if the problem persists without any 3rd party programs downloaded.


    I'm getting pretty frustrated. Not having a computer while they do their testing feels oddly crippling. I've had to take it in 2 times already for loosely related issues.

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    Agreed. It's not like I'm playing Crysis.


    I'm sitting in a main city in WoW and it hits 100'C.


    I think the reason I resorted to using SMC is because I am truly tired of not having my computer for weeks while apple fixes my lemon.


    I have never been able to have my computer on my lap, even from the day I took it out of the package.

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    Sounds like you may have had hardware issues from day one, then. Don't let some bozo entry-level tech support person turn you away with some crappy excuse about how you're using third-party software... the hardware shouldn't be hitting 100° C, no matter what you're running.


    If you've got AppleCare, get this taken care of ASAP, before it expires. You don't want to end up paying for the repairs if you don't have to! Also, for future reference, if you ever buy a Mac directly from Apple and suspect that the hardware isn't right from day 1, you have a 14-day no-questions-asked return period, during which you can exchange it for another machine.