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I have an iPhone 5 and only 2 of my contacts can receive text messages from me. I waited forever to get this phone and I am sooo frustrated. My service is through Verizon. I called for support, re started my phone twice, powered on and off, popped the sim card, deleted and re added contacts and still nothing has changed. Verizon told me perhaps my contacts needed to do an update on their phones. Am I supposed  call each and every person and ask them to do that??? I certainly can't do a group text. This is my first SMART phone with an attached $30 monthly bill. At least I could text with my old phone. Verizon could only say after45min. This is not a technical problem on their end because I could text myself. People on my shared plan cannot even receive my texts. Anyone have this problem? I am going to try to call apple in the morning.

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