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Please see the attached video for any help that you may provide for Final Cut Pro X.


This is a fresh installation of Final Cut Pro X, and the music and sound browser is empty.


The files and additional download has been performed properly the files are in the correct location and permissions are set. However Final Cut Pro music and sound browser will not see the files.


Please review the attatched video for complete screencast of the problem:




Thank you !!!



Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Is everything up to date softwarewise? What OS are you using? Have you put media in iTunes?

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    Some people have reported this problem solved by reinstalling iLife. do you have iMovie and if so does your iTunes music show up there? Do your iPhoto pics appear ok in FCP?

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    Hey Gang!


    Thanks for the suggestions:


    I have the latest of everything installed.  Lion 10.8.2, and FCP X


    Not sure how to "put media in iTunes?" , howver nothing from iTunes shows up in FCPx anyway .




    I do not have iLife.  I have the latest iPhoto and iMovie from the App store installed.  Directories are fresh and in the correct locations, I just can't get FCPx to see them....  they even have all the effects and sound bytes from when i "downloaded additional content".....?


    iPhoto pics do NOT show up, however I don't have any in iPhoto anyway (fresh installed)

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    Media as in music.  First thing I'd try is just deleting the FCPX App from your applications folder and redownloading/installing.  Also, we have been working with FCPX and Mountain Lion since it's release.  Perhaps you have something going on that makes you not able to upgrade to ML, but those two things are where I'd start.

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    Thank you again for your continued assistance...


    No problem with Mountain Lion, I have Mountain Lion installed (10.8.2) with FCPX and it works fine with the exception of the Music and Sound library....


    I did a Fresh and clean installation of ML (does not come with iLife), so I had to purchase the latest iPhoto and iMovie (which I did), then installed PCPX.


    Do you think that installing FCPX before iMovie and iPhoto that is missed linking to the Apple Loop directory?



    I've trashed, downloaded, and reinstalled all three programs twice now with no luck but I could try it again doing only FCPX....??

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    ....and another comment to Jim from above:  iMovie also does NOT show any Music and Sound effects in the iMovie browser either..



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    It's strange because I can't imagine why it's behaving that way.  Your music .itl iTunes library is located in the user/music folder.  Really, these things should all be populating.  We've never encountered this issue on any mac so I'm just wondering if perhaps media is in custom locations or something.  However, watching your youtube above I don't really see what the issue is.  It seems like your issue is with media browser, not so much with FCP or iLife.


    Just to throw it out there, but FCPX got a 10.0.7 update this week.  Maybe that hasn't been installed yet? 

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    Try repairing permissions via disk utility, doing a full restart, and see what happens. 

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    Ok, might be getting closer.  The repair permissions in disk utility did make some "repairs" to the Music and Sound browser and Library permissions.


    1. FCPX did not have any change though
    2. iMovie still does not see any Music and Sound browser files
    3. I still could not drag and drop the folders to the browser directly to FCPX


    I figured now that I have iPhoto iMovie installed, permissions repaired , why not try another delete and re-install of FCPX just for good measure??

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    No luck.  Reinstalled, Repaired, did everything (in order) one last time.   Guess I will just have to import the folder as an event and pick from there....


    Thanks for the help gang.  Any other ideas, please advise.  Sorry to use up all your time.....

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    Did you solve this problem? I have a student with a similar issue.