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Can anyone tell me how I access my storage from icloud with my iphone 5?


Many thanks


iPhone 5
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    Are you asking how to restore to your iCloud backup?  If not, please explain what you mean by "access my storage".

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    I can't seem to access anything supposedly stored in my icloud and this point not sure whether I should even have it running. For instance, if I go into photos from icloud it comes up with 'photo stream' and my  the option of 'photo stream' or 'shared photo streams'. Both in the 'on' position. Where can I go from here?

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    With photo stream turned on, your should now be able to take a photo, then, when the camera app is closed, you are connected to wifi and have at least 20% battery life remaining, the photo will then be uploaded to your photo stream and added to the My Photo Stream album in the Photos app on your phone.  And if you have any other iOS devices or computers signed into the same iCloud account with photo stream enabled, the photo will be added to those as well.


    Other data that you are syncing with your iCloud account, such as Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Reminders and iWork documents can also be accessed on your computer by going to icloud.com and signing into your iCloud account.


    Any changes you make to any data you are syncing with your iCloud account (such as adding a contact or a calendar event on your phone) will also be made on any other iOS device or computer your are syncing with your iCloud account.


    You can also choose to back up your phone to iCloud.  You can't view the backup after it's created, but you will be able to restore it to your phone if you ever need to.


    The thing to remember is that data you sync with your iCloud account on your phone is accessed on your phone through the corresponding apps (contacts are accessed in the contacts app; calendars in the calendars app; etc.).  Your iCloud data can be accessed on your computer by going to icloud.com on the web, or through a supported application on your computer (such as Outlook on a PC, or Address Book/Contacts and iCal/Calendar on a Mac).

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    Thank you so much. Now I understand way more about icloud. There were things you told me that I just didn't realise.


    Thanks again, very helpful


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    You're welcome.