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After my computer starts up I place the pointer on FIND to close it, either nothing happens or the pointer changes form and nothing happens,

Maybe one out of 10 times the pointer will work for a few minutes then fail.

I plugged in a mouse to my laptop with the same result.

I tried holding down option, command , P,R, when i restarted, this caused the compter to rebbot, thern go dark, thern reboot and then stop continually. I purchased a new MacBook Pro, and need to transfer the contents of this computer to the new one.How can i get the pointer to work so i can tranfer the contents?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    ...transfer the contents of this computer to the new one.


    If you need to do nothing else with the old Mac for now, you won't need its mouse or pointer at all when connecting it with the new Mac in Target Disk Mode.


    Recommendation: Set up the new Mac with the new OS X from scratch including installing all apps new (only newest versions that are fully compatible with 10.8.2!!!), and copy your data and files over from the old Mac manually.

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    thank you, my new macbook pro will not arrive until Wednesday. how to get to " target risk mode".? i would like to give my old macbook pro to my granddaughter, can i get the pointer to work?"

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    Click on the Target Disk Mode link LousyFool provided for you for instructions.













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    Yes, all instructions for Target Disk Mode are in the linked doc, indeed.


    Once you have your data off the old Mac and secured, you will probably want to re-install the operating system (OS X) anyway, so your granddaughter gets a "clean" Mac. Unless it's the unlikely case of a hardware defect, the mouse pointer should work again then.


    Something tells me you don't have a backup...?

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    Thank you.

    I assume that the Target disc mode is booting up holding down the T key. I fixed the pointer by using a mouse instead of the track pad for the pointer.

    I appreciate your help again thanks.