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Hi there,


Recently, my iPhone 4 was restored by Apple. When I plugged my iPhone in to iTunes it automatically synced and did a back-up. It then restored my phone with the apps and music that were on my phone at the time of the last back-up, however not with the contacts or photos.


Is there any possible way to restore my iPhone with the photos and contacts that were on my phone at the time of the last back-up? Is there a way to restore your iPhone from an older back-up (not the latest one)? Please help!! PLEASE!!

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    Your Contacts and Photos should be in whatever Applications you use on the Computer you Usually Sync with.


    Just Sync them Back to the phone.


    See iTunes will backup the following Information  Here...



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    Hi AnaMusic,


    Thanks for your reply. I don't really understand your answer though. I plugged my iPhone into iTunes with the intention of restoring from my latest back-up as I have lost all my photos and contacts on my phone. However, when I plugged it in it automatically did a sync and a back-up. Now when I click restore from back-up it just restores to what I have on my iPhone now, because that was the latest back-up (it did it automatically). Do you understand what I mean?


    What I am wondering is whether or not I am able to restore my contacts and photos from my last iTunes back-up (before today's one)?




    P.S - My photos and contacts did not save to Address Book and iPhoto if that helps.