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the 'estimated size' in the settings from the 'real size' after Compressor (4.0.5) finish the job is huge. Any idea why? a bug? Do I miss something? Does anybody knows? Thanks !


MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I've found the estimated size to be a reasonable estimate of what the output file size turns out to be. Haven't found "huge" differences between estimate and actual.


    Could you post some screenshots:


    of your batch window


    of the summary pane of the Inspector


    of the  info window of the output file after encoding.



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    Original Size : 883 MBESTIMATED SIZE 522 MB •  FINAL FILE after COMPRESSOR : 2900 MB !!!!!

    See the picts :

    Original file 883 MB.jpg
    Estimated size 522 MB.jpg

    Final movie 2,9 GB !!!!!.jpg

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    Very strange. If you open in QT and hit command i, what does it sau about  size, frame rate, format and data rate? (Probably simpler to do another screenshot.)

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    sorry, I trashed the render file but definitly the estimated size with the real one is a huge diference. How much diference is for you in porcentage to have an idea.

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    Something had to have been different about the way the settings (my guess, bit rate) were actually applied and your original specs. And you can get a pretty decent idea yourself of the new size simply by multiplying the new specified bit rate by the duration. In other words, if I have a 10 minute movie that I'm uploading to the Web and I specify a bit rate of 5 Mb/second, I would multiply 600 seconds times 5  = 30,000 Mb; divide by 8 to convert bits to bytes and I would have an estimated file size of 2500 MB or 2.5 GB. There are more variables, like the fact that the rate is not exactly constant and there needs to be a small allowance for audio…but you get the idea.


    Those kind of manual estimations are usually similar to the information that Compressor shows for my encoding projects.