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When I turned on my macbook pro this morning there was a loading bar in the white start up page, then at the login page there was a red 'safe boot' in the top right hand corner. Once I logged in everything was running really slowly and everything was flashing at me (like when i scrolled over 'file' in the top menu bar the blue highlighted section, which is usually over the thing you are just about to click on, was moving up and down really quickly and I couldn't stop it). Also, when I open a new tab in safari the page flashes at me. Spotlight search won't give any responses except for web search options. And also my USB's aren't being recognised. I have no idea what has happened to make all of this go wrong. I was thinking of taking my computer to apple genius bar tomorrow but I won't be able to back up anything because my USB ports aren't working. Any advice would be amazing! I am starting to get a bit worried. Thanks.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)