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Hi everyone, and I apologize if this has been asked and answered, but I didn't find it in my search.


I have an iPad 3 running IOS 6.  When I connect it to my Windows 7 computer and left click on a song in iTunes 11, I am not given a delete option.  When I connect an iPod Classic or my iPhone 4 I do get a delete option (as always).


Swiping on the iPad does work.  I have Match turned off.

iPad, Windows 7
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    It reads like your attempting do delete the songs from iTunes not the iPad. Is that correct? If you just want the music removed from the iPad navigate to the device settings and manage music in the music tab. Your post left me a bit confused can you clarify for me so I can possibly give you a more usable solution?

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    Yes- I am trying to use iTunes 11 to delete tracks from my connected iPad.  But "Delete" is not an option when I select tracks from the "On This iPad" page.  If I connect my iPhone 4 and do the same thing, "Delete" is an option.


    Please note, the only automatic syncing I do is one playlist.

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    If you are syncing a playlist to a device, you cannot delete individuals tracks from the device.


    Remove the songs from the playlist then sync the device and they will be removed from the device.

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    Synched or unsynched tracks - it makes no difference.  When I go to the "On this iPad" page in iTunes 11 and left click on a song, my context menu does not include "Delete".  Additionally, "Delete" is greyed out of the top menu. 


    When I disconnect the iPad and connect my iPhone, my context sensitive menu contains many more choices including "Delete." 

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    So, trial and error reveals that with my iPad, every time I manually add a song on the "On This iPad" page (my SOP) , Sync gets turned on for that song without telling me, and the only way I can delete it is to unsync it on the Music page (which then unsycs and deletes).


    This is progress?

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    Ensure you have selected "Manually manage music and videos" in the Summary tab for your iPad.


    (This is my best guess for why you may be seeing this behavior.)

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    Did a complete restore and now it works as expected. 


    Maybe there was an easier way, but even the guy at the Apple Store was unable to figure it out.

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    I figured out how to do it because i was having the same problem. when you go "on this ipad" and you click music, (make sure you have it on manually "manage music and videos". Then click "sync"! When you right click, it should allow you to do everything like it would on the regular itunes! I know, it was that easy! >.<

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    Go to your playlist of songs and quickly swipe over the length of the song indicated to the right of each song. A red box marked with the word "DELETE" in white letters will appear. Touch the box and the song will be deleted from your iPad. I found this by accident,  figuring there had to be a way to delete songs since everything I read on the web search said it couldn't be done...WRONG!


    You have to do each song individually as far as I know...I tried swiping over album cover art, but it didn't work. Hope this helps.