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my 6th generation sleep/on/off button stopped working so i decided to go to the 7th, assuming that because it had a picture of the Nike+ on it that it would be pretty much the same as the 6th gen. however now with the lightning stuff it no longer holds the irun and an adapter is need to put into it and then add the irun add double the size to it.

im irritated seeing as the selling feature of the new model was that it still accepted the nike+ . i would have bought the older model for cheaper from walmart or something.

are there any alternatives before spending more $$ and adding more weight and dimensions to it??

iPod nano (7th generation)
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    What is an irun? Are you talking about Nike shoe sensor receiver? 7th Gen does not need a receiver, it detects the Nike shoe sensor without using an extra receiver.

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    Check if you activated the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Just set it to off to use both Walk and Run workouts.


    Click information > Nike +Sport Kit > Sensor > OFF

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    when i say the irun im talking about the nike shoe sensor and the bit that plugs into the bottom to track the progress into the ipod. however the new 7th gen. doesnt support the bit that plugs in. can i use the nike + without having to get an adapter for the 7th gen??

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    Ipod nano 7th Gen does not need a nike sensor to use walk and run app. Check this link from nike website http://nikeplus.nike.com/plus/products/ipod_nano/. Therefore no adapter or nike sensor needed to use walk and run workouts.

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    thank you so much!

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    Thank you I had the same problem.

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    Is it true that nikeplus no longer allows one to upload workouts thorugh the ipod 7th generation sensor? if so then whats the point of having one? I can accross a numberof articles stating this. I bought this iPod simply for that reason so if the sensor no longer works then whats the point of having this ipod?

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    No that is not true.  It works great.  If my computer is awake I find that most of the time it logs into Nike automatically.  What is really fantastic about this unit is it's bluetooth communications.  It will function simultaneously with my Viiiiva or Polar smart bluetooth HRM's (depending whether I am running outside or on the treadmill) and with my Bluebuds X or Belkin HD receiver with optical output (with music & Nike coach) to my home sound system (again depending outside or treadmill)  One other note the Viiiiva HRM also has Ant+ so it will send the data to the Garmin watch for readout on your arm while also keeping the Nike attributes up to date. The Polar HRM will read out on the treadmill display while also sending data to the Nano 7. THIS IS A GREAT MINIMILIST setup for running!  As long as there is a healthy charge on all devices before setting out I have run as long as 8 miles (for an old codger like me that is an hour and forty minutes) and always maintained great wireless music and all telemetry.