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MAC OS X 10.8.2  iTunes 11.0 (64 bit)

Most questions I read here ask how to manually sync...my problem is just the opposite. Whenever I connect my iPod to sync, iTunes opens with the boxes checked for "manually manage music and videos" and "enable disk use." When I remove these checkmarks I get messages about being synced to another library (something like that) and, bottom line, I have to reload all my content. When I close iTunes I first make sure these boxes are NOT checked. But the

next time I go to sync the same thing happens all over again.

     I THINK I am aware of all the boxes that should be checked or unchecked, but, obviously there is some setting that I know nothing about that needs to be changed. I know most will say, "Why not just sync manually...it's better that way anyway?" Truth is I may have to take that advice if I can't get it to work.

It's just that nobody else seems to have this problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.