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When I have a multiple day event, the dot does not show up on the last day. Therefore it looks as if I don't have any events for that day. Is there a solution for this?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    I just spoke with an Apple representative through tech support concerning this problem with the calendar and they stated that it is not a bug and it works as intended. I question the logic in this because if you are looking at the monthly view of your calendar to see if you have any events scheduled and the customary dot is not shown to indicate that you have an event scheduled, then you can mistakenly schedule something at the same time. I was told that you could fix this by making it an all-day event or when entering the event have it end very early the next day. This is not an acceptable way to fix the problem. If the event is an event where you have invited others then they will have the wrong dates on the event in their calendar. I have used other calendars, on my iPhone I might add, that do work as I would expect. Apple should try to fix the problem instead of saying that it works as intended. If this is the way it was intended to work then it is an inferior product and that does not sound like the company that I have grown to respect for their quality products.

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    I have this problem too.


    I cannot believe they implemented it this way.


    I can't remember which iOS update it was, but this used to work as expected on the iPhone. The iCal app used to have the same problem. Now the problem seems to have migrated to the iPhone. iCal now works as expected.


    Can't we have both apps work the same?!


    This is so idiotic and inconsistent.

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    I agree with you 100%.  If you are  a professional, Calendars need to provide "clear days" info  at a monthly glance. Its too much work to have to click in and out day by day  to see if there is a clear day to schedule appointments. I would prefer  a pocket paper  calendar to that baloney!  That's total nonsense.  Your critcism is 100% on the mark and  the expectations are reasonable. Maybe they are just trying to push us to a pay for  an app theya re selling.

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    Any solution for this one yet?

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    I just came across this same issue on my iPhone 5 and it is totally bogus. If I have a 4-day event running from Tuesday through Friday, even if it doesn't start until Tuesday evening the calendar correctly places a dot on Tuesday to alert me to the fact that I have something starting that day. If that same event only lasts until 2:00pm that Friday, I STILL have that event occurring that Friday! Why in the world would Apple think that I need to see that my event starts on Tuesday, but I don't need to see that it lasts through SOME part of that Friday? If I have a 4-day event, then I have a 4-day event...PERIOD. I need to see that dot on all 4 days of that event! What's worse is that in "List" view, the last day of my 4-day event doesn't even show up at all, leading me to easily believe that I have that entire day open, when in fact it is already booked for some portion of the day. Making that last day an all day event in order to force the dot to appear, especially if my event ends mid-morning, is NOT a valid workaround as that falsely shows my entire day is booked. This is a totally unacceptable oversight on Apple's part, a blunder of the magnitude typically associated with some obscure wannabe startup. Does anyone at Apple actually use their own calendar and think this is "normal" behavior? How many meetings on perfecting the iOS got missed or double-booked because of this flaw?

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    Just wondering if this major bug was fixed in iOS7?


    It was little things like this that have made me ditch the iPhone, and move away from the bundled Mountain Lion apps. (Sent emails not getting saved to the Sent folder every so often was another deal breaker for me). Thunderbird works so much better, while not quite and polished aethetically).


    Android takes a bit of getting used to but once configured to your personal taste (that's the beauty of it) it works excellently.


    Still think they make awesome hardware though!

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    This has been fixed in iOS7. I upgraded my old iPhone 4 to iOS7 and tested this specific functionality. The dot now shows on the last day of an event, even if the event only lasts for a few hours on that last day. Too bad you have to upgrade to ugly iOS7 to fix it. If this was supposed to work the way it used to (i.e. no dot, as Apple support supposedly had been telling people), then they wouldn't have "fixed" it. C'mon, Apple, admit it was a bug and deal with it honestly. Don't tell us it's working as intended, then decide quietly to make it work the way everyone else knows should work.