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So, long story short I'm currently on my second iPhone 5. The first one I received from Verizon had a defective auto-fous right out of the box. I took it to my local Apple Store where it was deemed defective by a Genius. He then offered me a replacement that wasn't in a sealed box, so I turn him down. Mind you I had just received the phone the previous day via FedEx from Verizon. They offer a 14 day no worry guarantee, so I told him I would just have the phone replaced by Verizon so I could get a new unit, which is what I had paid for. About a week later I receive my new iPhone from FedEx and it's pristine right out of the box, no cosmetic damage or flaws whatsoever. I'm content. However I noticed as soon as I removed the phone from it's box that it had an annoying little rattle, but I didn't think much of it. I was just happy to have a phone that wasn't all scratched or nicked up, and had a working camera this time. So it's roughly a month later and the rattle is starting to annoy me. When I walk or move my hand while talking on the phone I can hear the rattle in the earpiece. I think most people would be a bit disappointed with this for such a premium product. I called Apple on Friday and they agreed to send me a replacement. When I asked the rep on the phone if the device would be new or refurbished, he told me he didn't know and that it could be either or. I don't believe he can't tell. Surely Apple can tell the history of a device by it's serial number. My current phone has a serial number that begins with C38, the information in the e-mail I received from Apple yesterday states the new phone has a serial number beginning with DNP. I looked the new device up on Chipmunk International and it appears it's a Week 38 (September) model. So what do you guys think? New or refurb? What annoys me most is to upgrade to the iPhone 5 I had to pay $200 for the device, another $35 simply to upgrade, AND I lost my unlimited data package I've had for the last 7 years. I also have to pay $59 to Apple for the replacement ($29 for Express Replacement & $30 for overnight shipping). Seems a bit outrageous. Thoughts?

iPhone 5
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