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My old version of Itunes was wiped out in an Itunes update.  I have tryed installing a new copy from the download many times.  Right now I have a "successful Install" but the computer just clocks when I try to start Itunes from the shortcut or program list.  Please help.

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    Can you check something for me please?


    Restart your PC. after the PC restarts, bring up your Task manager, and go to the "Processes" tab. Click "Image name" to sort the processes alphabetically.


    Now try to launch iTunes.


    Does an itunes.exe process appear? If so, does it vanish after a second or so, or does it persist in the Processes tab (even though iTunes itself never shows up)?

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    Hi, thanks for the help.

    Yes, itunes.exe (with *32) shows up on the process list and then disappears.  (Itunes helper is there all the time.)


    I will be quicker to respond next time --sorry for the delay.

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    Many thanks.


    If you're getting an error-message-free iTunes launch error, and the iTunes.exe is making a brief-if-any appearance in Task manager, we'd better check for a QuickTime problem.


    Try updating your QuickTime Player to the most recent version. Does iTunes start launching again?

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    Okay, I downloaded and successfully started an up to date quick time player.  Then I clicked on the ITunes icon and got a message that read something like, this is the latest version of Itunes.  Getting an update or checking for updates didn't work because you aren't connected to the internet (shich we both know isn't true.  I have two choice one was long and ended with tray again later and the other was open Itunes Tutorial.


    I selected tutorial and then the box disappeared and nothing started.  I opened the Windows Task Manager Processes tab and Itunes.exe*32 is listed but I have nothing on the screen.


    For the fun of it I connected my Ipod but that did not start Itunes either.


    Next please?