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So, my old iPod touch (4th gen) broke from water damage, and so the Apple store employees gave me a new one for a really good price. Then, when I went back home to set it up, I couldn't back it up from the iCloud. I didn't really care about all of the app data and game saves and stuff, but what I really wanted to keep were the photos and old memories that I cherish. I tried to back it up from the Cloud, but it said that I didn't have any backups saved. So, after setting up the iPod without backup, I checked the iCloud settings and LO AND BEHOLD! The old iCloud backup from my old iPod was there, staring at me. However, for some reason, I cannot figure out how to restore this new iPod with those old settings. I have tried to reset the iPod already, but I can't get the restore from the old backup.


Help, please?

iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1