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Im planning to purchase a Macbook Pro 15" retina. But I have read a lot of articles on slow scrolling performance on OSX user interface and in browser to a point it almost unusable and/or really unpleasent. All of those articles are usualy date as a couple of months old and I can't find anything up to date.


If there is any Pro Retina owner or user, can you please tell if all of those "smoothess" performance issue as been resolved to a point you are satisfied with ? Do you feel the internal HD 4000 can't push properly the retina display making it kind of "tot early released product" ?



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    I don't have a MBR yet, so I can't comment authoritatively on this topic.


    However, I strongly suggest you sample the new machine with the new system update to see if it meets your expectations. Slow scrolling can be easily fixed with system versions - and that explains why the issue has disappeared. But the first generation of a new product will nearly always have glitches that will be addressed by future versions; they're underpowered to make make for a stronger v2. (That's the strategy for the iPad Mini.)


    If you can wait, settle for the 2013 release.

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    Thanks for the reply.


    The issue mainly narrowed to some sort of software problem in the scalling algorithme on multiple discussion. But most were still questionning if if could be resolved or not by software optimisation.Usualy Apple get product out with "balanced" hardware.


    So im simply looking for some answer of satisfied people on the smoothness of the Macbook Pro Retina in overall.