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Hi i need some advice on my Iphone 3. the Questions i haveare written below.


1. My Wifi Setting is not working on the phone it is non existant.

2. over half the applications i have on the phone are now not working.

3. when i try to recover the apps or download new ones each app. i find a window this is not compatible with the Iphone.

4. and tonight i tried to recover some of my apps and a window comes up this program will only run on IOS 4.3...

5. the battery after being charged for more than 8 hours, will drop to nothing within a couple of hours (2hours after fully charged).


my software on this phone wont let me update from 4.2. i have tried numerous times, and plugged it in with the computer and still nothing works.


can any one help?????

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2