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I'm a professor and students submit in doc or docx to blackboard. Sometimes to email. Had nearly no problems in the past opening these docs, however now I can't open anything in word 2004 or earlier. Any ideas out there?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), I actually have 10.8 but its not a
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    Welcome to the forum for Pages, an application in the iWork suite.  your question is better to ask in a forum for MS Word.

  • Parrish Jones Level 1 (100 points)

    Why is that? I'm trying to open the DOC using Pages which is why I posted to the Pages forum. I never had trouble opening MSWord until this week when Pages updated.

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    Arrrrrgh. Blackboard!!!! Thou foul beast.


    Where is that burning brand and silver spike?



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    I just opened a MS Word file created in 2003 with Pages v4.3 on Mountain Lion. That file was not created on Blackboard. I see your profile suggests you remain on Lion. Is that accurate?


    Blackboard strongly suggests Word documents created in Office 2007 or later be uploaded as .doc, rather than .docx, for backward compatibility with older versions of MS Word. Pages can handle the 2007 and newer .docx format.


    Blackboard, on the other hand, has very strict guidelines about copying/pasting content from original MS Word files, as this embeds artifacts that corrupt documents posted on Blackboard. They require the use of the Blackboard formatting toolbar. The files submitted to Blackboard must have closed, legal character file names with specific three-letter extensions.


    You may be attempting to access a corrupted MS Word file created by misadventures within paragraph 2. If that is the case, the problem originates from the source, and not Pages.


    Blackboard document guidelines

    Blackboard site.

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    Well, you said pages  and not Pages and also in the post you didn't at all refer to Pages but MSWord. Sorry if I misunderstood but saying "I can't open anything in word 2004 or earlier" doesn't make me think you meant you can't open any .doc in Pages!

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    I was assuming that since I was in Pages forum "Pages" would be understood.