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I would like to change my primary ID and email address to what is currently my 'rescue' email.  It won't let me until I change my rescue email address but I can't see where to change that.  Any hints?

  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10

    There are instructions on this page for editing/removing it :

    1. Navigate to appleid.apple.com using your web browser.
    2. Click "Manage your account"
    3. When prompted, sign in using your Apple ID and password.
    4. Click Password & Security
    5. You'll be asked to answer 2 of your 3 security questions before you can make any modifications. If you are unable to remember your answers, you can choose to send an email to your rescue email to reset your security questions.
      Note: The option to send an email to reset your security questions and answers will not be available if a rescue email address is not provided. You will need to contact iTunes Store support in order to do so. 
    6. After you've validated your identity by correctly answering your security questions, click Edit to the right of your rescue email address.
    7. Once you've finished editing your rescue email address, click the Save button directly below the email field.

    For step 6, as well as there being an Edit button, there should also be a Delete button.